We Are Wanderful

We Are Wanderful

We Homo sapiens have always traveled.

From nomadic tribes migrating across continents… to explorers circumnavigating the globe… to modern-day astronauts exploring the cosmos.

Our civilization would not be as global, flavorful, creative, or technological, if not for travel.

Travel, adventure, and exploration are in our DNA.


I Travel, Therefore I Am

Here at Wanderful, we have experienced the beauty, enlightenment, and transformative power of traveling near and afar.

Never thinking that, one day, we would share our tried- and-tested travel wisdom via a timeless and luxurious designer fashion brand. Tailormade for travelers, adventurers, explorers and wanderers.


Tried & Tested

A woman dressed in white standing next to a frozen river

Through the years and around the globe, we have tried and tested all manner of travel clothing, bags, luggage, gear, shoes, and accessories.

We know what to (and not to) wear or bring on a long flight… scuba dive… safari game drive… jet ski adventure… city walking tour… desert camping trip… glacier hike… cave spelunking… and more!

We have mastered the art and science of creating a personal travel capsule wardrobe + gear collection that:

  • Is light and efficient to pack, in just a carry-on bag or suitcase.
  • Keeps us feeling comfy and healthy no matter the climate, activity, or mode of transport.


Comfy Couture

Man dressed fashionable and casual, lying on a desert dune

Our Wanderful collection is tailormade for travel lovers who do not want to sacrifice style for comfort.

For far too long, travel fashion has been either too bland, kitchy, and old-fashioned. Or, too uncomfortable, unhealthy, and unsafe for true-blue travelers and explorers.

With Wanderful, you can journey comfy chic and fashionably incognito. You can be sporty and glamorous; stylish and adventurous — from mountain to desert to jungle to sea!


Mother Nature, Smile

We are more than just a designer fashion brand. We are an eco-conscious brand as well.

One cannot truly travel and not be an eco-lover. Our world is a big, beautiful orb brimming with awesome wonders, breathtaking vistas, and amazing wildlife.

A polar bear standing on its hind legs waving hello

As global explorers, we are avid practitioners of sustainable travel. From the way we pack light; to where we stay; to how we hike.

Likewise, our Wanderful collection is sustainable by design. We are a slow fashion brand in more ways than one:

  • Our designer travel bags, luggage, clothing, shoes, and accessories are handcrafted and ethically sourced, largely in Europe and the United States. 
  • Much of our collection is crafted with sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, or recyclable materials including stainless steel, cotton, tin, wood, recycled polyester, and even plants!
  • Unlike other ready-to-wear designer brands, our goodies are made-to-order. As such, we do not have any wasteful overstock ending up in landfills.
(Per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2 in 3 of the textiles created, sold, or customer-returned in the U.S., gets dumped in a landfill.)


    Be More Wanderful

    Woman walking in a seaside alley overflowing with flowers

    We love travel. We love Nature. And we love to share the Love.

    We are on a Wanderful mission to help you journey with a fashionable, travel capsule wardrobe + gear collection that is timeless, durable, healthy, versatile, eco conscious, and comfy chic.

    Via our collection, you can mix n’ match bags, wallets, luggage, scarves, hats, sunglasses and more — to create a Wanderful travel capsule that is uniquely you!

    It's a Wanderful Life
    • Comfy Chic

      Long days of sightseeing, flying, and adventuring are a fashionable breeze with our comfy chic bags, fashions, and accessories.

    • Mix 'n Match

      Pack less without sacrificing style. Our entire collection is mix 'n matchable. From tops to bottoms; hats to shoes; luggage sets & more.

    • Versa Pack

      Pack faster & lighter! Our Versa fashions and accessories can be used in a multitude of ways and a diversity of settings.

    • Eco Love

      Our collection is lovingly handcrafted and made-to-order, with no wasteful overstock ending up in landfills.

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