Travel 101: Create a Comfy & Portable Nomad Rug

Travel 101: Create a Comfy & Portable Nomad Rug

O'er the centuries, nomadic tribes in Asia and Arabia have mastered the art of traveling in style.

When they set up tent (or yurt) in a new locale, they lay numerous handmade carpets on the ground to create a warm and cozy home for eating, sleeping, reading, family game night, and more.

A Bedouin style desert camp under a starry night sky; with a communal seating area covered with Arabian carpets

A cozy, Bedouin communal tent laden with carpets. Traditionally, this is where desert nomads hang out to eat, drink, sing, and be merry.

With our portable Namaste Eco Versa Mat, and our Chillaxation Versa Cloth, you can do the very same on your camping trips, beach outings, and outdoor adventures.


Step 1

Lay multiple Namaste Eco Versa Mats side-by-side, or in a lattice pattern, to create an outdoor or tented 'area rug' for your travel party to eat, sleep, laugh and play.


Step 2

For added comfort, cover your Namaste area rug with a layer of portable blankets, like our Chillaxation Versa Cloth.


Step 3

When it's time to pack up 'n go... give each Namaste mat a good shake. Wipe them clean. Then roll them up, and stack them in your vehicle. Easy peasy!

My, what a portable, beautiful and Wanderful way to go. ♥

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