Style 101: Travel Fashionably Incognito

Style 101: Travel Fashionably Incognito

Photo: Former U.S. First Lady and style icon, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, looking travel incognito chic in 1973 (Everett Collection)

When we travel, safety should always be top of mind. Safety against the elements; safety during a daredevil adventure; and safety from swindlers and thieves.

Most designer bags aren't conducive for travel, because they are overrun with logos and brand names that make you a target for swindlers and thieves.

Traveling fashionably incognito is actually the most sophisticated way to travel. It is how the world's wealthiest, old money, High Society fashionistas dress and travel.

In fact, it is quite gauche and nouveau riche to flaunt one's wealth and status with luxury logos all over the place. Subtlety, quality, and tailoring are the true markers of wealth, class, and sophistication.

Ofttimes, the wealthiest person in the room doesn't look like it, at first glance. To a discerning eye, however, one can easily see the quality and craftsmanship of the clothes they wear and the bags they carry.

Our Wanderful designer handbags, day bags, wallets, silk scarves, luggage sets and more are tailormade for travel lovers who want to journey fashionably incognito, without breaking the bank.

With a Wanderful bag in hand, you can enjoy the benefits of a luxury bag — handcrafted with the finest European leather — minus the unwanted attention a cliché and gauche "logo" bag can bring.


I Spy with My Travelista Eye...

Travelers in-the-know know there is another fabulous perk to journeying fashionably incognito: 

The right style and flair can make you more intriguing and attractive to the world's most interesting people.

One day, in your travel future, you just might find yourself in the company of an incognito member of High Society. You won't notice them at first, but they will notice you.

Quietly and subtly, they will observe the couture quality of your Wanderful bag and accessories. They will take stock of your good taste and incognito sophistication. And they will be intrigued.

So much so that, there is good chance they will introduce themselves — gracefully, of course — to ask a simple and most flattering question:

"I love your bag, who's the designer?"

Given the beautiful Serendipity of travel, that single question could lead to a fun and fascinating conversation over cocktails or dinner.

Next thing you know, they're inviting you to join them on their yacht tomorrow, to watch the Monaco Grand Prix up close and personal.

Or to an exclusive masquerade ball in their 16th century palazzo, during the Carnevale di Venezia.

Traveling fashionably incognito can lead to unforgettable experiences and authentic connections you can't even begin to imagine.

So be more Wanderful, travel incognito, and Bon voyage!

It's a Wanderful Life
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